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Travelrite Nigeria With his vision to enable students in Nigeria to be abreast with global events as it concerns their study, career and future Endeavour... Travelrite Nigeria organises workshops in collaboration with respective universities through representatives of the organizations in order to sensitize prospecting students about the exchange programmes and the benefits accruing.


We also explores the social media facilities to interact with interested students on how to go about it. “The social media facilities have been an avenue through which we communicate with the target audience.  We have been receiving positive responses.  We have participants from university of Lagos, university of Ilorin, including some private universities like Babcock University, Bowen university, covenant university, etc . More recent the program extend to other schools abroad such as University of Ghana, Legion.
The organisation has been able to facilitate the travelling of over 5000 students so far after its establishment in March, 2009. It is responsible for monitoring the activities of students who travel abroad, to know about their welfare and the programme. It sensitises participants about the programme and places they will visit during their stay over there. The exchange programme is handled together with our partners who include Inter-exchange inc, all in the United States of America, and more recent Signature services corporation based in Dallas, Texas, WWCE in santa clarita, California...

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The participants are normally issued visa in two different categories; the ‘J1’ and ‘F1’ visa.  The ‘J1’ programme is basically for exchange programmes, including touring the US, and working shortly in some organisations. The participants return after the program completion. It is to enable them to meet with other students from different countries, that also visit the US under the same programme, where they understand the socio-economic system of those countries, including the US, in order for them to come back home to replicate what they have experienced in their present endeavour and the future, while the ‘F1’ programme is for students who wants to engage in full academic programmes in the US universities”.
In the area of preparing students’ travelling documents, our partners in the US send recommendation letters and other necessary documents to the US embassy in Nigeria for credibility about the programme.  “With the understanding we have with our participants, partners in the US and our seasoned professionals here in Nigeria, we have recorded over 98 per cent success of visa application.  Although we have challenges on the programme as there are competitors in the programme as well, being a young entrepreneur starting up such educational services of a truth the waters are challenging.  Notwithstanding, the organisation is forging ahead.


Travelrite Nigeria is currently pursuing a project on how to boost the tourism sector and national development as he is in talks with partners in the US on how to attract tourists and volunteers to Nigeria.
“We are working seriously at the moment, talking with our partners in the US to organize a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of six months visit to Nigeria and some other countries”.

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